Hidden Truths

Shaman Studies & Depth Psychology

The Hidden Truths Shamanic Studies and Depth Psychology program is an integration of shamanic healing techniques including fire ceremonies, dreamweaving, soul retrievals, extractions, journeys and other ceremonies and rituals. Practices derived from the Quechua, Navajo and Cherokee traditions including the nine Munay Ki rites, will be transmitted to students as they become wisdom keepers of the lineage.


Study Shamanism

Study shamanism to augment your spiritual practice.


Beginners Welcome

No prior education or experience is required to join — come as you are.


On-Demand + Optional Practicums

Course content is available on demand and self-paced. Optional additional practicums in group format are purchased separately for additional cost. Online practicums and live residencies (additional cost) are required for certification and diploma programs.


"Shamans don't manage symptoms."

– Dr. Yahia

What Our Students Say

"I just want to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. This is an incredible journey. I had no expectations because I had no idea what the class was all about. I just knew when I saw the email that I had to participate. Every class has brought momental insights. This week I tapped into memories I didn’t even know I had. For the first time I’m meeting a major life transition with (mostly) peace and calm (I still have my moments of course). This morning on my walk I met 3 hummingbirds. They zipped right in front of me. I’m ready for the North. I’m ready to live InJoy."


Monique Blake

Shaman Initiation