Intuitive Astrology


Discover the Hidden Truths Within Yourself through Intuitive Astrology

For the absolute novice who wants to get an intuitive feel of their astrology chart and themselves. No prior astrological knowledge is required, only a desire to explore and understand yourself better.


Goes beyond theory, bridging the gap between astrology and spiritual theory.

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and tap into your inner knowing.

On-demand and self-paced. Start anytime!

You will:

Explore the Universal Law: Principle of Mentalism, and how it applies to astrology and spirituality.

Decode the oppositions or tensions in your astrology chart that need to be reconciled throughout your life.

Develop your psychic gift of claircognizance (inner knowing) to read your astrology chart intuitively.

Discover how your astrology chart serves as a personal mandala, connecting your conscious and subconscious mind.

Embrace the profound significance of self-discovery and the transformative power it holds.