Intuitive Astrology: An Introduction to Reading Charts

Uncover the best tool for self analysis and self evaluation. In this course, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the basics of astrology. You'll learn to tap into your claircognizance to strengthen your self-awareness and intuition using your astrology chart. You'll be equipped to address incongruities in astrology charts and integrate conflicting planetary positions, ultimately guiding you toward wholeness and fulfilling your soul's purpose.


For the absolute novice who wants to get an intuitive feel about their astrology chart and themselves.

Gain insight into:

→ Personality traits reflected in your chart
→ Why you're perhaps more introverted or extroverted
→ Why certain areas of your life feel easier and others more difficult
→ Your leadership qualities
→ Your lifestyle preferences
→ Your life focus


What You'll Learn:

Intuitive Astrology


In this program you'll learn to:

Discover the hidden truths within yourself through astrology, learn to read your chart and work towards wholeness.

Access a fully online course that you can learn at your own pace.

11 modules total (23 minutes in duration overall) with 3 practical activities and 1 ritual.


Meet Your Lecturer

Dr. Frances Yahia, a renowned metaphysician, archetypal astrologer, and shaman, will be your trusted mentor throughout this profound journey. With over two decades of experience in metaphysics and a Ph.D. in Mental Health Counseling and Educational Leadership, Dr. Yahia is uniquely qualified to help you uncover the hidden truths within yourself and the universe.

Dr. Yahia’s main interests are Jungian psychology with an emphasis on myth, symbol and archetypes to assist clients with their deepest subconscious patterns. She helps clients identify the narratives they’ve built their lives upon, deconstruct the story and build a new foundation with the clients authentic values and philosophy at the forefront of their life.