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Hidden Truths

Tarot Certification Program

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual mastery? This immersive 5-week live course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and profound insights needed to read and interpret the Tarot with depth and meaning.


Delve into Spiritual Philosophy

Bridge The Theory and Practice To Master Tarot

Become a Certified Tarot Practitioner

The Hidden Truths™ Tarot Certification Program will teach you exactly how to:

 Learn to interpret each card in the Major Arcana, understand the archetypal significance, and explore how they relate to the spiritual journey and the subconscious realm.

 Uncover the meaning of each card and learn to address real-life questions, material challenges, and personal growth through the Minor Arcana.

 Develop your intuitive abilities and understand how the symbols on Tarot cards represent the material world in alignment with the spiritual realm. 

 Connect the dots between various mystical practices and expand your spiritual language. Explore astrology, archetypes, symbology, mythology, numerology, and Kabbalah.

 Become a certified Tarot Practitioner. This certification opens doors to professional opportunities in divination, personal coaching, and spiritual guidance.


Weekly Live Sessions Start July 11th

Lifetime Access To Recordings & Course Materials

Tarot Certification from Hidden Truths College Upon Completion


This immersive 5 week live course program includes all course materials, recordings, and membership to the Hidden Truths College community. Join like-minded individuals on a quest for hidden wisdom and personal transformation.


Meet Your Lecturer:

Dr. Frances Yahia, a renowned metaphysician, archetypal astrologer, and shaman, will be your trusted mentor throughout this profound journey. With over two decades of experience in metaphysics and a Ph.D. in Mental Health Counseling and Educational Leadership, Dr. Yahia is uniquely qualified to help you uncover the hidden truths within yourself and the universe.


What Our Students Say:

Dr. Yahia’s tarot class is extremely informative, fun and applicable to practical living. I love how she informs you of the archetypes with an in depth analysis from all cultures and religions across the world. She also shares her wisdom and knowledge of astrology, numerology and ancient myths so that by the end of the class I was able to thread it ALL together! 

After I told a friend within the spiritual community I was interested in learning Tarot, my friend highly recommended Dr. Yahia. I signed up with Dr. Yahia's Tarot course and it was the best introductory course for she walked me through all 78 Tarot cards. Her teachings and guidance has helped me build a strong foundation with Tarot.

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Unlock the Language of the Universe and Become a Certified Tarot Practitioner in 5 Weekly Live Sessions beginning July 11th, 2023.